March 09, 2012

New Items, Song Lyrics, and Coziness

Gothic Faceted Pyrope Garnet Drop Pendant

A metallic, deep cherry-red garnet with sparkly faceting.  I need to preface this: I believe that the metallic coloring is a coating.  I do not usually go for visibly-colored or altered stones in my designs, but the metallic color on this garnet makes the faceting really "pop," in an eye-catching sort of way.  Also, the coating does not drastically alter the cherry-red color of the garnet; it just makes it darker...and metallic. 

Cognac-Colored Raw Citrine Point Pendant

Yes, the stunning raw citrine point pendant above is my favorite of the recently-created bunch, described here.

Faceted Chalcedony Nugget Pendant

A heavenly, mellow chalcedony pendant with natural, made-by-Mother Earth coloring.  I love natural chalcedony (i.e.: not dyed).  Too many stones on the gemstone market, in particular chalcedony, are now dyed in obtrusive, rainbow colors to suit current trends; interesting forms of supply and demand.  I prefer classic to trendy, any day.

And onto the cozy...
From Resale Religion

And the lyrical beauty...
From my husband: framed song lyrics of "Parade," handwritten by Rachael Yamagata herself.
The pretty lace Kraft envelope (hand sewn, I must add) to the left of the framed song lyrics was created by crazyquiltz.

P.S. A thought: I am promoting consumerism on all levels in this post, which is fine by me (today)! Sometimes we all need a little creativity boost to elevate us out of the late winter blahs.

Lastly, a little reminder: my shop will be closed starting next week--from March 13th-March 20th.  Come March 20th (or, in all honestly, maybe even a little later), reinvigorated I will be!  Fingers crossed. 

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