October 01, 2017

Halloween Is Calling

I've always loved the fall and this year is no exception, as I'm excited to share the changing of colors with baby A.  Above is my Etsy Autumn findings list which, after looking through it, has admittedly put me more in the festive autumn spirit.  As for my shop, I'm trying to move product for the holidays and have further marked down items in my sale section here.  I personally shop early to avoid the stress, so likeminded folks, here you go.  Happy shopping, and happy October!


September 22, 2017


Happy first day of autumn.  Baby A.'s napping, but never in her crib since she was 3-4 months old.  The sound of construction is in the distance, the leaves are already turning color.  Fall is in the air despite the excessive heat wave we had a few weeks ago.  Thank goodness that's over and done with.  I'm hoping October will be a relative heat-free month.

Baby A. is a fall baby, as some of you know.  Thinking about this, I'm becoming sentimental.  I want to memorize her facial expressions, her already expansive vocabulary (40+ words) and how she says certain words, and the baby chub that is fading with every step she takes.  I want to remember it all.