January 31, 2019

Featured on Bookish

Guess what?  My stamped book-page hearts were featured on Bookish.com!  Valentine's Day edition, of course.  Even though I'm an old-time Etsy seller, I'm still surprised when my work is noticed. Order now for V-day delivery.  Shop these here.

January 03, 2019

Happy New Year

Happy new year! 

I have many ideas this year for my shop, namely mama-and-child items with a delightfully bookish twist.  Book pages, pendants, and talismans.  Letter stamps and texture.  Revisiting my roots, some of my favorite novels will be the inspirations for this new-ish shop direction.  
My ideas are still in the beginning stages, and my toddler rarely naps, so thanks for your patience!  Check back soon here and on Instagram for sneak peeks.

December 04, 2018

Shop News

I've spoken on this subject a little on Instagram, but wanted to share more about my thought process here.  Etsy, as a venue for independent sellers of handmade goods, has changed so much in the last handful of years - mostly, it has become more commercialized.  Mass consumerism has arrived in full force, and I will not undervalue the quality of my work or creative process. But things change; we evolve.

Since becoming a mother, my top priorities have been rearranged.  Being a mother comes first, and then everything else.  My shop will stay open, though.  New offerings will be added sporadically.  Here is a recent order for a stamped custom baby spoon, made from US steel in the USA, and hand stamped freehand by me.

For holiday orders, US orders must be placed by 12/14 for ready-to-ship items.  The international orders deadline has passed.  I deeply appreciate your support this holiday season!