July 15, 2018

New Listing

A new listing available in shop.  A new listing that keeps up with my commitments as a mother, conscious consumer, and precision-loving jewelry maker.  Meet custom name US-made stamped baby spoons (in nickel-free 18-0 stainless steel):

Each spoon is stamped imperfectly by me with a custom name up to 10 letters.  For consumer safety, the letters aren't darkened.  

My toddler has been using Baby Liberty spoons since her first meal at six months old.  We, her parents, love their quality craftsmanship, durability, and commitment to keeping jobs in the US.

Simple, uniquely customized, and functional, these baby spoons will last for years to come.

And baby A. agrees. 

* * *

Available in soft-bite coated or uncoated.
Find them in my shop here.

May 26, 2018

Same Website, New Look

Oh hello, blog.  It's been several months since I've last updated here.  And I actually do have an update today: a new, simplified look for my main site is now up and running.  I'm still working on the content portion of the site, specifically updating and clarifying information, so bear with me as the layout may change slightly in the upcoming weeks.  To clarify, I am still offering writing services, and hope the site is easier to navigate now.

Check out my revamped site here: www.theintrovertedwriter.com  

March 22, 2018


It's been a whirlwind first part of the year, hasn't it?  I need not discuss the state of our nation or the world here, but I assume you understand what I mean.  As for my Etsy shop, I've been receiving an increase in writing service inquiries.  This has been a blessing because, as you know, I'm an academically trained writer with an MA degree.  However, one thing that clients frequently ask for is editing done within 24 hours.  I unfortunately can't meet this requirement right now.  Firstly, writing and editing is a process that takes intense concentration and time to complete.  For me, at least.  I look over a piece many times before I am happy with the edits I've made.  Secondly, I contact the client with my questions on the piece, and don't start editing until I hear back from them - these questions can include tone, content, word choice, a need for more detail(s), etc.  And lastly, I have a busy home life that includes a very mobile toddler whose love for conversation and books takes precedent over all else in the moment.  I edit in the in-between moments, in the wee morning and twilight hours, during nap time.  And the wait is entirely worth it.

Visit my main website here.