August 06, 2019


Motherhood is fast, volatile, complacent. Foot in mouth, covered with kisses, love. Emotions multiplied by infinite hugs, feedings, sleepless nights. Foggy mindedness and giggles, a little one's voice in your ear calling, "Mama, mama." Fast, so fast, that baby smell now gone.

 (From when I was inspired and a little less sleep-deprived.)

June 23, 2019

Nature Inspiration

via my Instagram account

I enjoy the anonymity of visiting less-traveled public spaces, exploring their nooks and crannies, getting lost in the surreal nature of their very existence. My little girl is often my sidekick on these adventures; occasionally a friend joins in. But the experience, even if my anonymity is no longer viable, is always a soul-stirring moment. I rarely capture the true essence of a scene, but I proved myself wrong with this capture.

May 18, 2019

New Shop Banner

It's a rainy day, my toddler is actually napping and mama cat-napped for a bit, even after two cups of coffee.  It's been a long day.  And I realized that this blog is in dire need of an update - so here it is.  Recently, I've added a few items to the stamped spoons and talismans section of my Etsy shop.  I'm excited about this new direction in my work.  As a result, I've decided to clear out my handmade jewelry line, so you'll find unique pieces at hugely discounted prices.  Each piece of jewelry is never remade and is truly one of a kind (especially my conceptual pieces).  My destash gem collection has yet to be sorted through, but once I have the time to sort and photograph I'll be adding these to the shop as well.

 * * *

My toddler is now reading, fiercely and intensely, and has her very own library card.  Yet she's definitely still a toddler in many ways (the occasional ear-splitting meltdown, anyone?).  We all read all these overarching romanticized narratives about motherhood - plus the ones that we can relate to - about the numbing exhaustion, toddler (and mama...) meltdowns, and the permeating nature of mama brain.  Making three food choices and your kid saying no to each one.  But that smile, when she chooses to do so, warms my mama heart.  Again and again.  That I can wholeheartedly relate to - even as I roll my eyes while scrolling through Instagram's deluge of happy smiley mama and kids.