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EmeraldCut | The Introverted Writer
Content Writing Services by an Introvert with a Master's Degree

For my qualifications, read my writer's FAQs here.  

Why choose my editing services:
A diligent editor/proofreader, I wrote a book-length thesis to earn a Master's degree in 2013.  In addition to my academic training, I find immense joy in writing, and am a punctuation stickler and word aficionado.  Also, I notice misspellings and punctuation errors in texts, and find myself editing books while reading them.  Since fall 2013, I continue to offer writing services via my Etsy shop and main site: www.theintrovertedwriter.com

What you can expect from me:
My academic qualifications allow for my professional writing services stand out.  I am familiar with MLA Handbook guidelines, in addition to subtle nuances in the written form--such as style, word choice, content, clarity, and tone.  I write from scratch, never using writing templates, gimmicks, or hype, nor do I plagiarize.  The result is content-driven quality writing that cannot be replicated.  Currently, my writing and editing services can be found on Etsy; custom inquiries are welcome.

I will help you brainstorm and organize your thoughts, as well as expand on, enrich, and narrow down topics.  No writing sample is too large or small.  Previous orders include speech writing services, Etsy policies pages, business bios, and manuscript editing.  Competitive pricing reflects the quality of my work, and also depends on writing length, type of writing, how many edits are completed, etc.  All editing is carried out in a professional and timely manner.

Current editing and writing services can be found here.

Please contact me for more information (send convo to username: EmeraldCut).  Or email me: deanna_theintrovertedwriter@yahoo.com