January 12, 2012


Rachael Yamagata's my hands-down #1 songstress to listen to, and her song, "Parade," is my favorite song.  The piece is part of RY's 2008 digital EP, "Loose Ends," which quietly made an appearance on her website around the time her full-length album, "Elephants...Teeth Sinking into Heart," debuted in the same year.  "Loose Ends" is comprised of three tracks that did not make it onto "Elephants... ."


While doing some belated New Year's computer cleaning earlier today, I stumbled upon the bookmarked link for a video of RY performing "Parade" from her 2005 performance on KCRW's "Morning Becomes Eclectic."  It is here for your visual and aural pleasure because, you see, the optimist in me thinks that it's an endearing sign of good luck to have come across this bookmarked video of my favorite song by mere chance after so long.  I fondly remember seeing this clip for the first time over four years ago, wishing wholeheartedly that RY would record this soul-stirring lullaby of a song on an album.  Lucky me.  

Note: This is the only video of the song that I know of, and it is a little blurry.  Nonetheless, I think that the soft focal quality aptly captures the song's inherent vulnerability and intimate, ambient quality. 

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