July 07, 2011

OMG...Rachael Yamagata!!!

Click on image to see an article about her new CD
Rachael Yamagata's music has gotten me through some tough times, and has brought much introspective happiness to my life over the past six or so years.  I have quite a few personal memories with her music: her amazingly moving lyrics and sparse musical accompaniment.  The best memory is that a certain song of hers reminded me of my husband before we were a "we," when I was still daydreaming about the proverbial "us."  She is putting out her fourth album (well, third, if you regard her first album as an EP and not a full-length CD) by herself, and is selling some amazing, personal music goods to help fund her album!  Handwritten lyrics, signed paper goods, etc.--a treasure trove for fans.

Here is the link, if you would like to pledge and purchase some of these goods:

As of right now, Rachael is already at 30% of her goal on the first day of her pledge--so exciting.  :)  Can't wait for the new album, and am so glad that she is offering her music aficionados some coveted lyrical pieces with a personal touch.  My second-favorite written word medium after novels are lyrics!

P.S.  Thanks to my husband for pledging, and for some of these goods!  Can you feel my excitement?

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