March 02, 2012

March Update

It's been pretty quiet here.  Adjusting, anxious, but also ever so hopeful and determined in knowing what I need to do.  Taking little breaks from the leaden ball-and-chain act of writing, I have been dreaming up some new pieces for my shop...

There's something so glorious about sunstone, and I'm not just referring to the stone's upbeat, coppery-orange hue.  I like the way that it glitters: not too flashy, but still a beautiful, understated "statement" piece.  That sounds redundant, but I believe that any piece of jewelry can be a statement piece, even if it is on the not too flashy (and/or tiny) side.

Natural confidence--or synonymously, being comfortable in one's own skin--emanates from within; it is in how you carry yourself.  So, it is really an illusion (i.e.: mass-marketing campaign) that wearing jewelry creates confidence and will make you feel better at the end of the day.  Jewelry, to me, adds to the emanation-from-within process in a spiritual manner--amplifying one's aura, vibe, whatever you want to call it. Coincidentally, it is no wonder why I photograph most of my jewelry from certain angles that "catch" the light: areas where the inside and/or outside of the stone is illuminated and can be seen in a photograph.  The beauty of a piece of jewelry, like the beauty of a person, truly emanates from within.

Here are some new sunstone pieces:

Also, more hand-selected citrine and amethyst points are now in-stock, ready to be created into pendants. This weekend, armed with a mug of hot tea and probably Rachael Yamagata on repeat, I will be busily (and happily) creating more point pendants to add to my shop.  A semi-deft description of these beauties: the amethyst points are luscious, varying shades of plum purple; the citrine points range in color from an earthy, light amber to a rich, deep brown.  Out of this stone selection, my favorite is a mellow, cognac-colored citrine point.  

Lastly, a heads-up:
My shop will be closed for (at least) a week in mid-March, so that I can take a little time for myself.  I plan to reopen my shop sometime in late March. 

Wishing you all a very happy Friday.

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