February 16, 2012

New Inspirations

I think that this is the longest span of time that I have not blogged in awhile, but sometimes I find the greatest, soul-fulfilling inspiration away from my computer.  It's actually quite strange: for me, being online is just so loud at times, although there is no actual face-to-face contact--nor is there actual auditory noise.  Maybe it's the jumble of words, which tend to morph and mesh together into unintelligible phrases when I am staring at the computer screen for too long.  Or perhaps it's the countless acts of self-promotion, the endless waves of it, that I see everywhere online (something that independent brick and mortars don't overtly take part in).

Yes, I know that this blog is a semi-shameless act of self-promotion.  Need some substantiating evidence?  See below:

I created a pair of earrings for my mother-in-law from her vintage necklace chain, composed of long, golden scrolls.  I bent the scrolls (her idea), and added anodized, golden-colored niobium ear wires (a naturally-recurring metal that is great for sensitive ears) and peridot stones.  The finished product just glows, so I had to document it!

Last week, my husband and I visited our local brick and mortar bead/stone store: he graciously paid for the stones of my choosing.  The stones were a unique assortment of colors, shapes, textures, and sizes...

...chalcedony nuggets and ovals, pyrite-esque garnet pears, carnelian rondelles, garnet coins, a large (and flashy) labradorite focal stone, and a few oldies but goodies--smooth iolite nuggets and a citrine one, as well.


 Last night, after a very stressful day, my husband took me out to dinner: which was preceded by a drive by an awe-inspiring and moody, vast body of water.

So all of this leads me to think: this past week, however stressful it was (or actually, how panic attack-invoking I willed it to be), was also punctuated with numerous moments of soul-stirring stillness and innate beauty--if I paused my self-imposed freak out mode, and just looked around (a natural act, but one that requires some level of levelheadedness to fully enjoy).  I am thankful that I did just that.

Wishing you all a thoughtful, calming day.


GoHeyJudy said...

LOL. The computer IS loud, isn't it? Just breathe. . .

EmeraldCut said...

Wise advice, wise advice.