February 10, 2012

All Things Golden and Warm...

All things golden-hued and warm, I am drawn to.  
A subtle glow, an inner radiance... 

Something preferable functional, vintage, or just plain unique.
Handmade and a story behind it makes the find even better.
Truth: I didn't want to bore you with my new milk glass fascination.

Here are some of my favorite golden, warm items on Etsy:

From: ImpulseART
From: dadamietz

From: pillowsophi
From: metalmorphoz
From: jansonpottery
From: SerendipityGemstones
From: ChaoticHarmonyCafe
From: TheHiddenChamber
From: HelloVioleta


GoHeyJudy said...

Ooh. Pretty! And I like depression glass!

EmeraldCut said...

Thanks, lady! Depression glass is stunning.