August 28, 2015


Curated by dorataya

Remember Etsy Treasuries?  Although I have not posted one here in awhile, and sadly, Etsy now promotes them less, I continue to truly enjoy seeing their creative themes and unique finds.  The moody, vibrant ones always seem to catch my eye the most.  Anyone with an Etsy account can create a Treasury, and I think that putting one together is an art form in itself: from selecting images, to choosing a title, to visually arranging them in the given layout.  The sky (and the 16-item max. space) is the limit.

See this Treasury here.

* * *

It's almost my 5th shop anniversary, and the promos continue!

IG followers @ectiwshop receive 15% off all jewelry purchases from my shop after purchase.  
To receive this discount:
1. Follow me on IG (@ectiwshop), 
2. Make a jewelry purchase, and 
3. Etsy convo me that you are an IG follower.

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