How to Care for Jewelry

Jewelry Care Instructions

PLEASE always be gentle with jewelry.  Do NOT wear jewelry in the shower, bathtub, or pool, etc., and keep them dry.  If you clean your jewelry, gently and thoroughly dry all pieces with a soft cloth afterwards.  Take your jewelry off before bedtime, and store in a securely closed box or airtight baggie/container when not worn.

Remember that oxidation (plated items, silver), corrosion (aluminum), and tarnish (copper and brass) occurs naturally over time.

Clean, handle, and care for jewelry at your own risk:
I am NOT liable for items once they leave my shop.
All sales are final; all items are non-exchangeable and non-refundable.

Please do not use chemical cleaners on any jewelry from my shop.
Polish only argentium sterling silver, sterling silver, aluminum, and copper from my shop, as these are non-plated metals (you can also clean these gently with mild soap and lukewarm water, or with metal-specific, soft cleaning cloths).  Gold-plated, gold-filled, and silver-plated wire can be wiped gently with a soft cloth.  To clean anodized (gold colored) niobium ear wires, use mild soap and lukewarm water and rub gently--do not scrub, as scrubbing will remove the anodized color.  Clean all non-anodized ear wires with alcohol.  For brass, wipe with a soft cloth—do not clean with solvents like alcohol, or scrub with abrasive materials.

Remember that all brass WILL tarnish to a dull brown color NATURALLY over time, and requires some care to keep it looking like new.  Tarnishing will occur faster in humid climates. Please read this for detailed BRASS JEWELRY CARE INSTRUCTIONS:

Gently wipe stones with a soft cloth if necessary.  Do not use solvents, chemical cleaners, or cleaning agents (i.e.: ketchup)—they will damage stones.  

For your convenience, this information can also be found in my Etsy Shop Policies via  Thank you again for your purchase!