March 06, 2014

Pinafore Love

Pinafore, jumper, tunic, smock, roomy dress...whatever you want to call it, they're absolutely cozy and comfortable with just enough femininity to last you through the rest of winter without feeling frumpy from bundling up.  My favorite thing about the pinafore is that you can layer it over a thin sweater, comfy tee, or tank depending on the weather.  A pinafore can also be layered over your favorite pair of jeans or worn-in chinos, which makes its versatility even more appealing.  If you're more into tights or leggings, the pinafore matches those, too.  Add a pair of boots and you are good to go.  The pinafore reminds me of artsy days spent working with clay and glaze, getting up to your elbows in it all; creativity at its finest.

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