March 02, 2014

Winter Light

Blue Mood Necklace

We finally got some great winter light for photos this past week.  The Earth shifted a few feet to the right, at least from from my Earth-bound vantage point, and now the sun is slowly beginning to filter into my workspace once again.  It's only for a few hours at most in the afternoons, but it gives me enough time to snap some shots--and makes the houseplants happier, too.  Okay, "great winter light" is a vast understatement because it's great and moody.  As you know, I love a good mood.

Quality Pink Tourmaline Dangle Earrings - Sterling Silver

The first image in this post was taken in mid-to-late December during the height of "no-light" in my workspace area--the necklace is aptly named "Blue Mood."  It was one of my favorites to create, this necklace, and it even perhaps holds the record for the longest time a piece of jewelry has sat on my desk only half-finished.  Maybe two months.  Three?  The photography session of this particular necklace was tough, as I only had ambient lighting, which as a result, cast an unsightly blue tint on the white book page background (I painstakingly edited the blue tint out).  White backgrounds occasionally turn a funny yellow color as well, making it difficult to take photos that are truly representative of one's work when the background is more visually prominent than the item itself.  

Late autumn-early/mid winter light also tends to lend a strange orange tinge to sterling silver components, and is reflected in photos, which is not representative of the natural metal coloration at all.  When this all happens, photos must be tossed (usually after an entire afternoon is spent photographing items), and another day must be designated as "photo-taking day."  This is the life of an online seller, but I do have to admit that the good days far outnumber the bad--especially since I can then take the rest of the afternoon off and go outside for some fresh air before getting back to work again.

Fiery October Birthstone Opal Chip Pendant

The last two images were taken this past week.  I was particularly taken by the pink tourmaline earrings, whose AA-quality stones radiated a deep, vivid fuchsia hue with a gorgeous depth that only high-quality stones exude.  In natural light, of course.

* * *

As for the belated nature of this post...I've also been working on some editing projects, so I apologize for the gap in blogging between this post and the previous one.  More consistent blogging is to come.  Thanks for being a loyal blog reader and hanging in there with me.

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