February 11, 2014

Shop: Curator

Stripe Tee - Grey

I've been thinking a lot about the whole "made in America" movement lately, so this post, which follows this train of thought, is quite appropriate.

One of the my favorite "made in America" shops is Curator, a stylish-yet-affordable, San Francisco-based brick and mortar boutique that offers wearable, uniquely designed clothing for both the hip and comfort seeking (I clearly fall under the latter category).  The company, whose tag line is, appropriately, "Made in California," is run by two clothing-designer best friends who have their stylin' SF designs sewn by local tailors in small batches--the end product is a one-of-a-kind line of decidedly feminine, cozy clothing with a flattering modern edge.

Frankie Hood

The coziness of the gorgeous sweatshirt above (I never thought I'd call a sweatshirt "gorgeous"...) is an example of what I mean about Curator's unique balance of basic and trendy elements in their designs.  Who knew a sweatshirt could be more than lazy-day outerwear?  I sure didn't.

Or that a dress could be worn on multiple occasions and essentially dressed up or down?  The below dress would look absolutely delightful paired with mid-calf boots, and would look equally flattering with heels.  Throw on a cardigan of your choice, and you are good to go.  This piece would surely make a pretty bridesmaid dress, as well as a "date night" dress.

Classic Dress

These are only a sampling of designs from Curator, but they comprise some of my current favorites.  What I love most about the company, besides their "made in America" mission and minimalist designs, is the quality of their products.  I know that I'm not the only one who has purchased "made elsewhere" t-shirts (as an example) from chain stores, only to find that the already-thin material becomes flimsier with each delicate-cycle wash--that the tiny pin holes in these year-old shirts grow with each passing month.

Due to this experience, I continue to be amazed at how well my tops from Curator hold up to the wear and tear that I consistently put them through, both when worn and in the washer and dryer (on "handwash" and "low," of course).  I've owned these Curator shirts for a few years, and they're still looking like new.  Love, love this shop!

Visit Curator here.

Now off to not-so-secretly ogle Curator's stripe tee in grey...

* * *

How's that for mindful consumerism?

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