February 08, 2014

News + Thanks

Rainbow moonstone lovers, rejoice!  I finally ordered some large rainbow moonstone nuggets to create into pendants for my shop.  The last time I had created rainbow moonstone pendants such as these was way back in 2012, which doesn't seem too long ago--but it's been two full years.  Seems almost crazy how quickly time flies, doesn't it?  My shop's (expanding) rainbow moonstone collection can be perused here.  I'm excited to add more as soon as winter gives me adequate lighting for photography.

Continuing on the subject of excitement, I would like to give a huge thanks to the following blogs/websites that have featured an EmeraldCut item in their Valentine's Day gifts list: BOOK RIOT, Eco Manu Faktura, and LekaArt.  I highly recommend that you check them out because each list is so unique and different from the others.  Thank you does not fully convey how I'm feeling right now.

As for what else is new in the EmeraldCut shop, I am always creating and test driving new items (the latter of which includes the "stress test" that I place on each item to test its durability--this sounds worse than it actually is), so please check back often for freshly hatched items and designs.

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