April 06, 2015

Spring Shop Deal: Spider Plants

Looking for a new indoor plant for spring?  Help me rehome my spider plant pups...

4/18 UPDATE: Thanks for the spider plant love!  I have only a few left.

As you can see in the above image, this spring my spider plant has an overabundance of pups (aka baby plants), so if you are a US resident in the market for a new semi-easy-care houseplant, these recently discounted little pups could be an ideal fit for you.  A perennial, the parent spider plant from which these pups sprung is three+ years old.  Spider plants are a perfect springtime addition your home, as they naturally provide ample color and texture to your living space.  Gift them, too!  They are visually appealing and inexpensive when gifted in a small planter with soil.

See this listing to purchase.  For a free plant-related giftmention that you are a blog reader at checkout (type this in the "Note to EmeraldCut")!

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Starting from seed more your thing?  
My organically grown shiso seeds can be purchased here.

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