August 13, 2012

Weekend Work

Hope you all had a productive, relaxing weekend.  The words, productive and relaxing, may have quite different connotations--one being the act of getting work done and the latter, of supreme ease and lounging around--but these words accurately describe the bulk of my weekend, which was spent creating new business cards front 8 1/2"x11" thick cardstock and thank you notes from vintage book pages.  When I am working on a project, I leave everything scattered across my desk and on the floor immediately surround my workspace: from the many tiny sheets of paper, cardstock, and pictures, to stamps, to glue sticks and scissors.  Even my husband said (with slight surprise), "Wow," when he saw the aftermath.  Oh, the aftermath!  However messy it may have appeared, there is a relative method to my madness: see below.

Business Card+Thank You Note Set
Created thirty of these new business cards+thank you note sets this weekend from sheets of thick cardstock (cards) and vintage book pages (thank you notes).  I decided to try sage green-colored business cards, and am increasingly happy with the results--truthfully, I think that I enjoy this color more than the previous business cards, which have solely been created from already-cut brown kraft paper.

Don't know what to do with the thank you note, but like the photo?  The thank you notes can also double as a neat bookmark (see middle image).

Halloween-themed Thank You Notes
I was hesitant to change my thank you note paper from thick cardstock to vintage book pages, for book pages are both flimsier and word-heavy, but I like the tactile contrast between heavy cardstock business cards and the soft texture, and printing, of the book pages.  The printed words also give the cards an air of mystery, I think.

With a dark moth photo per note, these particular tiny cards were created with Halloween in mind--so be on the lookout for them to arrive with October purchases.

The End Products
Left to right: New Halloween-themed thank you notes created from vintage book pages--complete with hand-glued moth photos, new business cards in sage green, the "per order" set: business card, thank you note, and a coupon code to use with future purchases from my shop.

* * *

Anyone excited for autumn?  Can't wait for autumn to arrive, but I am also content with the present time, since much needs to be done prior to the changing of seasons.  Please check back soon for a harvest sale coupon code.

P.S. Just wanted to say thank you to the wonderful buyers who take the time to let me know that they enjoy their new EmeraldCut piece(s)--your kind words truly mean so much to me.  Completely uplifting!


Judy GoHeyJudy said...

Those are gorgeous! You're so talented, Emerald. I'm very excited for autumn. It's my favorite season. : ))

EmeraldCut said...

You are always so kind, GoHeyJudy. Truly lady, thank you. I think it's more resourcefulness than talent sometimes, lol. Autumn is also my favorite seasons...

On a side note: it's too bad that the fashion catalogs sometimes have fall fashion all wrong.