August 18, 2012

Pinterest, Who?

I'll admit it...I finally registered for Pinterest.  Like six months after everyone else has.  I regained interest (pun intended) when I looked at the email invite that I kept from six months ago--now, two days and countless hours later, I am already at over 100 pins (posts).  Geez, says this once skeptic.  Truthfully, the site is getting rather addictive, since it is basically a precursor to online window shopping for pretty or inspirational things, purchasable or not.  Pinterest eases consumerism and drives that instant gratification high (minus the actual spending, in most cases), so I can see why people (mainly women) speak so highly of it.


It's still difficult for me to resist spelling it as "Pininterest," which sounds better to me--I just have to let it go.


On Pinterest, I've noticed some trends, which undoubtedly reveals its demographics:

- General keyword searches yield many wedding pins: photos of the event, dresses, diys, or themes (demographic: young women);

- Academic pins are not widespread (demographic: Pinterest members don't care about that stuff);

- Color combination searches include many nursery pins (demographic: women of childbearing age).

To bypass the whole keyword search option on Pinterest (where you have to repin from other members' boards), you can pin items directly from other sites, as well.

All in all, I am still very much intrigued by the site.  To me, its superficial aesthetic belies a truer intent--I think it has the potential to inspire an even larger demographic.  So, if you'd like to follow me on Pinterest, click here.  You may also notice a Pinterest button on the left-hand side of my blog in red.

A happy Sunday to you! 


Judy GoHeyJudy said...

Where did you get that PinInterest button? That's cool. I want one of those.

EmeraldCut said...

Pinterest button:
On Pinterest, go to "About" --> "Pin It Button"...scroll halfway down the page and click on " 'Follow Button' for Websites." There are a few layout choices for the "Follow Button."