May 15, 2012

The Spring Time Blahs

Hello.  I've been feeling a little blah lately, doubting my writing capabilities in addition to wondering if the general economy will better itself anytime soon.  I have noticed that some people have found intensely fulfilling and/or well-paying jobs, while others are too emotionally downtrodden to muster up the courage to apply.  Personally, I know someone, a college graduate, who applied to 20+ job openings over the past few years, and had only a handful of companies reply back.

Flagrant frustration, I tell you--borderline insanity, which is why I believe that there must always be an intricate balance between the outside world and one's own inner sanctuary from the proverbial storm.  I find solace in a moralistic novel; some Rachael Yamagata, a stroll in the yard.

This spring, I have found myself gravitating towards the backyard garden to renew the spirit.  Instead of hunkering down near the computer to edit, I walk outside (probably a bad idea, but sometimes one needs a break!).  I steady myself by the manzanitas, one of which is growing a tiny apple; by the Thumbelina Leigh Lavender I breathe in deeply the aromatic calm of scent.  Instead of wracking my brain for the correct word or analysis, calmness overtakes me when I am in the thick of nature.  Overwhelmed, I am not.  And for that, I am grateful.

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