February 07, 2012

The Nature of a Bookish Individual

It took me nearly a month to sift through my collection of odds and ends, and in particular, the eclectic assortment of magazine that I've amassed through the years.  However, when I was a young adult, I was not so discriminating when it came to the written word: I saved each magazine I came to own in hopes of its future creative purposes, i.e.: as collage material.  Since then, I've learned about space--as in: the space in a home is not infinite, even if creativity calls for the sky to be the limit.

So, in moderation, I must.

Through each magazine page I diligently went, organically tearing out pages--or portions of pages--that contained colors and words that caught my lilting eye.  Most of the images that I tore out were abstract, blurry backgrounds, ripe with neutral and/or earthy colors.  These were bits and pieces that would seem to also feel like nesting material: visually warm, cozy, and slightly tactile.

In one of the magazines, I found an informative article on how to care for musty, antique books.  So, if you--like me--are a semi-hoarder of paper material, this article may be helpful on the preservation front.  I assume that although this how-to article is for books, it can be extended to magazines, old journals/diaries, etc., as well.  Well, as long as you can prop them up.

Entire article:

The care instructions:

To view the article online, click here.
Much easier to read.

Bad lighting + nighttime = hard to read/see the writing in the photos. 

The assortment of ripped out images is now happily contained within a box that would have fit maybe three or four magazines rolled up into one.  Mission accomplished.  Thank goodness because the magazines were driving me crazy.  Well, as crazy as a book lover can get: the process was actually quite calming.

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