January 04, 2012

Rebirth of a Book Part II

Firstly, happy new year.  Is it already four days into the new year?!  Time has truly flown on by, for New Year's Eve seems like it was just yesterday.  And it was really only yesterday that I opened my 2012 desktop calendar and placed it on my desk.  A true time keeper in-training, I enjoy tearing off each of the 365 pages on my desktop calendar on time, so setting it up two days late kind of bummed me out and threw me off a little...well, in an organizational, spatial sense.  I still feel like it's 1/1/12. 


Last month, I blogged about cutting out the pages of a dirty ol' paperback (a copy of Michael Pollan's The Botany of Desire) with my husband's box cutter.  Here is what I've came up with, using the paperback's inner pages, a glue stick, colored cardstock, miscellaneous magazine clippings, and cotton twine:

Notecards/giftcards made with each chapter's title (each chapter's title is a human desire, and the plant that humans have made to embody that very desire)

Recycled page envelopes with sage green card inserts (to go along with the text's plant theme)

I think these bookish projects came out pretty well.  A nice ending for a hard-knock copy of one of my all-time favorite books (it's fraught with wry humor, and is so well written!).  Well, in my opinion.


GoHeyJudy said...

That is so cool. You're so creative! Love it!

EmeraldCut said...

Thanks, GoHeyJudy! It was a lot of fun to cut up pages and collage. OR shall I say, MY type of fun.