August 20, 2011


Alongside written, creative stagnation comes a wave of inspiration from the words on a page, words that were written over 150 years ago and were published under a different name to hide her gender.  Shameful, these words weren't, as they told the truth, her truth; fearful they weren't, for the words did not try to appease or please the public.

2001...I had found these words, contained within Jane Eyre.

2010: I have opened the novel again, read it like it was the air that allows for each breath, and a wave of intent coursed through my veins.
Winter 2010: My Etsy shop was opened, with these words that I hold and cherish so dear, as the background in nearly each image.

Late summer 2011: Purchased two old copies of this text, imperfect but timely.  Getting back into the swing of writing, again, after an unproductive few months filled with anxiety and mental roadblocks.

As I turn these pages in my life, will I be apologetic?  Saddened?  No.  I believe that my creative thought process has lead me here, there, and astray for a bit.   Just for a little while.  The deadline looms heavily over my head.  But I will prevail...for I must.

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