August 10, 2011

Foggy and Ethereal

I've been craving darkly ethereal beach scenes a lot lately.  These past few weeks, I made logging onto Etsy a mission to find the "perfect" sand/water/fog beach scene for me.  Interestingly enough, it took me awhile to find ones that suited my tastes.  Some images were too pretty, some were too dark, others...too bright.  Searches for "sky," "ocean," and "sea" later morphed into searches for "ethereal," "polaroid," and "fog."  It was in searching for those latter two keywords that I found the majority of the mood-evoking, following prints that made me want to cozy up in a warm sweater, sip hot tea, and bask in the glow of imaginary solitude (please click on the images to view their listings): 


 So many lush and moody images!  How do I choose just one?  When I told my husband about my mission to find the "perfect" beach scene, his response was, "What?  Really?"  I think he was a little taken aback because we live in California, where the beaches are not too far away.  The real thing vs. an interpretation...currently, the latter is more my preference, since the mere thought of taking a beachy stroll on a foggy, damp, dark day (which most of my print choices evoke)--where the wind bellows ever so coarsely and reverberates so deeply that you feel it in your bones--makes me want to curl up with a good home.  But I digress.  I may have to purchase more than one, my dear pocketbook.  The second image is my favorite so far.

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