August 09, 2011


I've finally cleaned my desk; all the piles of books, papers, and odd assortments of files and jewelry are now either neatly rearranged on my desk, or are on a bookshelf.  Okay, some files are sitting on the floor, but not flat, allowing for their visibility and space-hogging past to remain obscured.  Now, my daily jewelry pieces, calendar, scratch paper, shop goods, etc., are to one side of my desk, leaving the other side completely clear of debris.  So that I can write.  Write.  Now that's another tangible subject that needs much work.  However, I'm reveling in the fact that as I am typing, I can stretch out my arms...and allow my elbows to rest easily on my desk without hitting a book or a file--or knocking down a piece of jewelry or decoration.  Goodbye, tense shoulders!  With this new spatial arrangement, the anxiety over a desk dominated by clutter has dissipated, hopefully for good.  Hello, creativity and inspiration.

My current, "cluttered" desk corner houses a visual inspiration, rather than fitting into the definition of a cluttered space.  It's almost like a--dare I say--shrine to art, creative thought, and jewelry.  A few specifically-chosen pieces are showcased to remind me to take one step at a time...and breathe.  It is, in short, a meditative space of possibilities.

Below are some images of my new desk space.

Image to the left--

These beautiful, vintage brass pieces--and the postcard in the image below--are from:

Bottom image--

Tucked into the green and cream-colored canvas pencil case are my EmeraldCut shop business cards.

I adore parakeets, and these are the ones that currently suffice.

Dogs, too, are wondrous creatures.

In theory, stones aid in the meditative process for me, which I have not yet mastered in practice.

I love non-traditional jewelry, and wear my own EmeraldCut pieces in addition to purchased ones.  The jewelry sitting out are a few of my favorite pieces. 

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