August 16, 2011


I'm really digging my new, clean desk.  The free space is exhilarating and freeing from the physical and mental constraints of inactivity and creative blunder.  Actually, my desk is, again, taken over by things, but of the creative, introspective sort.  You see, I've began collaging again--not the small, ethereal ones you see in my shop, as it is over a foot long and wide.  It's a nesting collage, a permission of sorts to allow myself feel at home again in my newly-simplified space.  It's not that simplified, but I love it all the same.

Here is the collage I'm working on--can't wait to decoupage and display it:

A pretty bookend...a smoky quartz tumbled stone.  It took quite a few shots to capture the inclusions and coloring of this particular stone.

Speaking of books, I purchased some vintage copies of Jane Eyre, and am planning to display them like pictures, minus the frame.  They're beaten up, have bent pages and covers, and the cover art is so kitschy and time period-specific.  In other words, they're charming in an offbeat way, and have so much character--I love them dearly.  It's funny, "vintage" in Etsian terms means any item older than twenty years old.  Personally, I consider a commodity as vintage if it was created prior to the 1980s.  (This personal guideline, of course, does not include people.)  One of my new/old Jane Eyre novels is copyrighted in 1962.  Does that mean that it's doubly vintage?

My eccentric questioning streak will have to end here.  Have a good rest of the week--I can't believe it's already Tuesday.  Gracious appreciation must be given to my husband for all that he does.  Lastly (the real bookend), thank you to some wonderful buyers and my hermits who have left me such sweet and helpful feedback as of late!

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