April 04, 2011

Treasuries, Blogs, Thought: Doing Some Good

Here are some Etsy Treasuries that have been created to showcase some sellers and items whose proceeds will go to do some good...

The collective loveforjapan Etsy shop:

The Handmade with Purpose blog:
Spreading the word...

I'm a member of the Night Owls of Etsy team, and have been leaving information about Handmade with Purpose and loveforjapan, there.  NOTE: I found out about Handmade with Purpose from oneinthehand in the joyforjapan team (I'm a member there, too).  The usually solitary and and non-joiner in me decided to be a part of not one, but two, Etsy teams--it was very much worth it.

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Lindsay of Paint Me A Picture, created a lovely image of my donation items!  I love her perceptive eye for color, design, and proportions.

Photo courtesy of: www.handmadewithpurpose.blogspot.com
Blurb on my shop: http://handmadewithpurpose.blogspot.com/search/label/Global%20Giving%20-%20Japan

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A self-conscious thought that I've been having:

I know that I've been discussing my donating to help with Japan's relief efforts quite a bit, as well as Handmade with Purpose.  I'm not aiming to market myself--or any of the other participants in Handmade with Purpose.  I just believe in making informed choices about consumerism and spending, in general.  Our purchasing power is necessary for personal commodities, survival (physical and economic), and of course, for gifts.

Why not spend money at a shop where certain proceeds go towards a good cause?  Supporting small brick and mortars, as well as small online shops, is a good way to go, too.  These shops are perfect for Mother's Day gifts, birthdays, an early Father's Day gift, etc., because of their donations and/or philosophy (shopping small businesses will keep big business from completely engulfing us all, giving us more choices and variety).  After all, small (independently-run) businesses comprise the backbone of America.  The American dream.  We can't let an American tradition slip away, although, I admit, it is more economical to shop big business.  

Independent, small businesses are a less guilty place to shop for yourself, too.  I've documented this (personal) moral dilemma, here, and am wearing a beautiful moonstone ring as its result.  Just food for thought...


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