April 08, 2011


It has been a good week for me, with the start of Handmade with Purpose  and the return of some truly wonderful buyers to my shop!  I am so honored, humbled, really, when buyers return more than once to peruse my shop, let alone purchase again.  :)  They've left such kind feedback, too, which makes me remember why this artistic endeavor is all the worthwhile when I'm feeling low, lacking a sense of creative self, or there is a huge lull in sales.  My customers inspire me to greater artistic heights.

I'm glad that the publicizing of Etsy sellers who will donate to Japan has not subsided.  collectingcreations has recently created a beautiful Treasury, "Always Room to Help," with items whose proceeds will be donated to help with Japan's relief efforts.  My Unique Carnelian Disk Pendant is included in this Treasury.

As noted in the previous blog, there are three Treasuries created for Handmade with Purpose that feature one of my items.  Wow!  I currently have three pendants left for sale, where all proceeds go to help with rebuilding Japan.  There is also a fourth pendant for sale in the loveforjapan shop.  So, in total, I've sold five!  Thank you for helping me donate $41.00 so far to GlobalGiving's Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund.  I still have four left to sell, so if you need a Mother's Day gift or an early graduation gift (okay, or even a gift for yourself), please consider purchasing one of these 100% proceeds donated (excluding the shipping), items.  Sorry, you cannot use a coupon code for the donation items.

The loveforjapan shop is getting some love, too (pun intended).  In the previous blog, I mentioned a Treasury that was created for the loveforjapan shop.  UPDATE--4/11/11: To see a blog entry that discusses why we should purchase from donation shops, like loveforjapan, please click the following link: http://handmadewithpurpose.blogspot.com/2011/04/love-for-japan-etsy-collective-shop.html

All of these promotional tools have been created in less than two weeks!

Imagine how much good can be done if donating (and volunteering) is carried out not only on a local, state, or nation-based scale, but a globally-based one by all who can afford to help (because it is all about having the funds or the physical (wo)manpower to help).  The mere image of this imaginary, but hopeful, act moves me beyond comprehension.  

ohhmystarsandgarters has featured a new item of mine, listed for sale yesterday (and one that I had been holding on tightly to for awhile!), in the their Treasury, "N Is For...".  Click here to see the Treasury!

Be good, be kind.

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