April 14, 2011

Thinking Aloud

Please forgive me for thinking aloud, for words were my first passion.  I spoke before the age of one, had a diary by the age of seven--which later turned into the less gendered "journal," and have continuously played with words, fought and loved them, since then.  Writing used to be a therapeutic tool for self-revelation and making some sense of the world and my not always pleasant experiences in it. 

My writing has become less therapeutic now, and more as a documentation of life.  Less angry young person and more calm and collected.  A sign of growth?  Yes.  Many changes, nearly all positive.   I used to religiously write sporadic poetry in a poetry book,  and journal entries in my journal.  I actually used to relish going to bed, so that I could put on some mellow music and just write like a madwoman.  I still average about six pages--front and back--for one journal entry, as I sit near the window with the sunlight filtering in.  No more writing in the dark. 

My husband says that I need to finish writing my book, a novel that I have been working off and on, on, for nearly a decade.  This was in response to my fear of a 9-5 job; my dreamer thoughts and aspirations.  His constant support of my creative spells helps to soothe my anxiety around all aspects of art-making.  My very high anxiety.

Words, of the academic and kindred sense, were the first things that we connected with.  Him and I.  Now husband and wife.  The past three-and-a-half years have seen so many lovely changes.  I hope that I can be as supportive of him as he has been of me. 

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