March 05, 2015

Indoor Lavender in Winter

Last summer, I miraculously sprouted a handful of lavender seeds into seedlings indoors.  I'm happy to say that they're all still thriving, even in half-hearted, temperamental winter light.  Gimme sun, these plants shout, as they hang onto dear life halfway between seedling and full-sized plant, losing a multitude of leaves along the way.

Here is a photo of one of them a few weeks ago, the largest one, actually.  With the Earth's nearing-spring tilt in its axis, we've finally received a splurge of sunlight that lasts for an impermanent hour each day--my plants are reaping the benefits of this, perhaps more than I.  And for that, I'm glad for I never knew that lavender could grow indoors.  

I'm crossing my fingers that this year these particular lavender plants will grow and prosper.

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