February 28, 2015

New-ish Work: Point Pendants

Truthfully, I am a little behind schedule in terms of sharing new work with my blog readers prior to listing them.  This is especially the case for what has consistently been my top seller: raw point pendants in citrine or amethyst.  I've noticed lately that there's been quite a rise in point pendants being sold on Etsy, but the ones that I am referring to here were made into pendants via adhering plated metal to the stone itself--instead of what I do, which is wire wrap by hand.

You might wonder if there's a difference at all between these two techniques.  For me, the main differences are materials, attention to detail, and price.  My point pendants are handmade by me via wire-wrapping techniques; I use my own two hands and a good aesthetic eye to select distinct stones and create each pendant with quality components.  For instance, I utilize argentium sterling silver wire to secure each stone onto a sturdy soldered-closed sterling silver jump ring for most of my pendants.  My solid sterling silver components have a 100% sterling silver composition, hence the higher price for these very pieces (as opposed to plated metals which are a base metal, typically brass, that has been given a thin plating of silver or gold at the surface).  In essence, handmade items are priced according to the time put into the design and the materials used.  To put it differently, not all jewelry is made equal.

On that note, here are some new raw point pendants for sale in my shop:

The last item here is not a point pendant, but are book page envelopes (created from Sylvia Plath's Ariel) that I alluded to a few posts back.  I recently took a book page envelope of a similar size and made it into a decorative mini bag for a gifted piece of jewelry--so my handmade envelopes can be utilized as (delicate) little gift bags, too!

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