July 05, 2014

Finally, Lavender Seedlings!

Hope you all had a fun and safe Fourth of July!  Decided to my hand at try growing lavender from seed again.  Last year's lavender seeds didn't sprout, so I didn't have much hope for this year's selection.  Lavender, as you may know, can be difficult to start from seed.  In fact, I recently read in an online plant forum that the 30% or so success rate of starting lavender from seed can be rather daunting for most people, especially the novice gardener.

However, a few weeks back, what appeared to be a tiny shiso sprout (I grow shiso from my own plant's seeds), had begun to look and smell rather lavender-like--actually, a little like mold to me, but with a minute hint of lavender.  (Above is a recent photo of this almost-seedling in all its glory.)  Since then, a few more of these same sprouts have popped up, but none have grown as heartily as this one.  If only I could remember which lavender variety these seeds are!

Hopefully the summer sun will do my new asparagus fern seeds some good...

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