January 03, 2015

New Favorites


Lucky Bug Paper Co





To be frank, I'm not very good at maintaining new year's resolutions after a few short months, so this year, I resolve to delve deeper into my psyche and design organically from this unique perspective, instead of merely creating what sells.  The amazing designs above, which comprise some of my new Etsy favorites, all exhibit this organic, psyche-driven quality to various degrees: they are tactile, vibrant, and endlessly layered in terms of design.  A vulnerability can be seen in each of these creations--from a delicate curve of metal comprising a leaf, to the raw materials used.  It almost feels like their very core itself is also quite delicate, so tenuous a process of creation, that if you touch it, it will break apart and leave a penetrating vulnerability behind.  But as a whole, these aesthetically rich designs exude an immense, impenetrable depth in their breathtaking complexity and raw beauty.

The creative process of delving deep into vulnerability is what I aim to explore this year, and will document here.  A daunting task, this creative process of vulnerability will be deeply personal, although it is my hope that it will also be collectively relevant and accessible for a larger audience.  Ideas are currently in the works for this 2015 endeavor, so stay tuned.

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