December 30, 2014

To Open a New Year

2015 New Year's Ornament

I've been cleaning up my workspace over these past few days, and in the slow-but-productive process have found some interesting items that I had undoubtedly forgotten about over the years.  Duplicates, supplies, and unique odds and ends comprise this interesting slew of items.  Some I will keep; others will go into the appropriate recycling or trash bin.  Needless to say, clutter is not my friend.  My husband is also happy about this recently productive turn of events.

So from here, with this end-of-the-year cleaning, I wish you and yours a wonderful start to the new year with lots of positive thoughts, productivity, and creativity, too.  It's been just over four years since I started this creative journey of jewelry making, blogging, and now professional writing--I know that I couldn't have done any aspect of it without your support, so thank you for supporting handmade!

Best wishes for the new year: 2015!

Stay safe and warm,


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