November 09, 2014

Woodland Wedding: Ring Bearer Oak Slice

My latest creation, this rustic ring bearer oak slice is a design that I've been playing with in my head for much of the year.  This past week, I finally sat down and created a sample of this romantic, personalized woodland piece.  The result was even more lovely than I had imagined.

First names and wedding date, a favorite 12-words-or-less phrase, marriage titles (i.e.: Mr. and Mrs.; bride & groom), or even simply just the date can be hand stamped letter-by-letter on a slice.  I use archival, permanent black ink and my diminutive typewriter font stamps for these.  If the design looks somewhat familiar, it is because my wooden ornaments are also made from oak slices.  Their softly oval shape, slight golden undertone, and romantic, rustic appeal makes my customized oak slices perfect for weddings.  Oak is actually my favorite stamping surface to work with.  Wedding ring is not included.

This ring bearer slice doubles as a wedding memento for the newly wedded couple.  Additional twine is offered, so you can turn it into an ornament or plaque post-wedding.  Wonderful to display upright or to hang on your holiday tree, the design is effortlessly versatile as a ring bearer slice and as sweet home decor--with a uniquely rustic twist!

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