November 12, 2014

Autumn Inspiration: Book Page Leaves

A few nights ago, I came up with an interesting (if not mundane) idea: trace a dried autumn leaf onto upcycled book pages.  These were not any ordinary book pages--they were gently hand-cut from Sylvia Plath's esoteric poetry collection, Ariel.  This being said, I felt that I had to treat these pages with the revered care that they deserved.  The results are as shown here, with each delicate book-page leaf traced and cut by hand (no die cuts or stencils were used), allowing for slight variances per leaf due to issues related to hand-eye coordination and the physical act of cutting paper with scissors.  Like autumn leaves, I was afraid that these paper leaves would crumble under my fingers; fall between here and there.  But no, they're sturdy enough for the Plath lover to read bits and pieces of her work on each.  It's just the stems that are delicate enough to fall if tugged slightly, which you can see in the image below.

I was surprised that the dried autumn leaf held up to my heavy-handed tracing around it--only a few bits of the edges fell off.

Now my immediate concern is what project(s) to use these book page leaves for.  I have some winter packaging ideas for these, since the stems are so delicate, instead of listing them for sale.  Perhaps some holiday-ish acrylic paint or layer of sealant will do the trick?

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