November 06, 2014

New Work in Progress

Here are some new jewelry designs that I've been working on and have been wanting to share with you.  Lots of ambient moodiness here, with dark colors, as well as single-color gradients and flashes of blue (thanks to lovely labradorite).  I apologize that the photo quality is not so great--autumnal light always does this to me.  If the photo coloration doesn't take on a blue or gold tint, then it's dark, dark, dark.  Even with help from photo editing tools.

Feel free to enlarge the image for a better view.

Some of these pretties are already listed for sale in my shop if you're interested in checking them out.  Even with my struggle with fall lighting, I've been keeping only the product photos that accurately depict how the piece looks like in person--needless to say, photo sessions have been longer than usual lately.  As always, my product listings include detailed close-up shots with an accompanying (lengthy) description of the item.  I can't help it if I feel the urge to describe the piece from all angles, note the coloration and faceting (at different angles), in addition to the size (in a photo: next to a clear point measurement, or held in hand), the latter of which I occasionally type in the listing description itself if I feel that the images are not well-rounded enough to convey true measurements.  I think I'm too much of a perfectionist sometimes, but that's okay!

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