November 03, 2014

How to Apply a Coupon Code on Etsy

I've received numerous inquiries about how to apply a coupon code on Etsy, since I do offer a coupon code for return buyers on purchases of non-donation and non-writing service items.  Here are instructions I've written to help you navigate this coupon code issue.


1. Add the appropriate item listing(s) to your Cart.

2. Immediately under the bolded title "How You'll Pay," which is to the right of the listing in your Cart, is the area that shows all the payment, shipping, and pricing information for the shop transaction. This is the area to which I will be referring to apply a coupon code.

Click on "Apply shop coupon code," a teal blue-colored link that the arrow is pointing to in the above image; a white box will appear there.

3. Enter the coupon code in the white box, and then click on the smaller gray-colored "Apply" box right below this larger white one--this will apply your coupon.

4. If the coupon is APPLIED, the coupon code name in bright green and percentage/dollar amount in light gray under it will appear directly beneath "Item total."

Occasionally, coupon codes are invalid, or there is a minimum item total for the order--or other restrictions may apply. See the seller's Shop Announcement on their Etsy homepage (i.e.: for further details.

5. Double check: In addition to #4 above, make sure the discount amount and the adjusted total price reflect the coupon code.  This is visible below "Item total," and shows that your coupon has been effectively applied.

6. You are now ready to purchase.

Tip: Refer to the accompanying photo for a visual: a teal-blue arrow points to where the coupon code is to be applied.

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