July 19, 2014

Weather-Inspired Finds

It's been overcast and muggy around here lately--sort of reminiscent of winter weather, but minus the chill factor and comforting urge to pile on a cozy sweater.  Peering out the window, it appears to be a foggy day: slight tendrils of fog can be seen, moderate gusts of wind heard, and periodic bursts of sunlight felt, but the cloying warmth and mugginess that has permeated our living space over this odd period of a few days reminds me that it's really 70 degrees Fahrenheit outside.  Instead of the 55 degrees I'd much rather prefer.

This strange weather (not quite summer, not quite winter...or fall or spring) has provided the impetus and inspiration to post the unique finds below, which were curated from my Etsy favorites.  Besides displaying a wonderful product, each composition has such fantastic mood, evocatively soft lighting, and a fog-lover's choice of colors--lots of varied grays and off-whites abound, naturally highlighting rather than visually overwhelming the products shown.  (No blinding-white shadow boxes here.)  Together though, is where the complex visual delight lays, for me at least, as this collection of images visually articulate my deep visceral longing for steadiness and consistency (an example of which is the hope of steady weather), in addition to the creative spark that I yearn for at all times--that often proves inconsistent!

Danna G. art 

tin tabernacle 


The Fiber Florist


Out of Line

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karen said...

Thanks for including my little dog on this lovely blogpost! From a fellow fog lover ;-)