July 15, 2014

Green with Envy

Sometimes I am in awe over how nicely put-together and well-branded a particular shop is, left feeling hopelessly green with envy, as I wonder aloud: Why didn't I think of that?  That is so simple!  Yes, I know that envy, to varying degrees, is a normal feeling for most people--whether it be over a shop's aesthetics and marketing, the latest fashion trends, or a life we think is honorably led.  However, this feeling of envy can leave one with an even worse feeling of inadequateness if it isn't kept in check.  This begs me to ask: What exactly is this foolishness called envy?

Here's what I think: Envy is a heavily veiled and complex emotion; at its worst, it plays devilishly upon on fears, insecurities, and sense of self.  At its best, it can help us to pinpoint why we feel so strongly envious about something.

From this perspective, envy is a product of both circumstance and mindset, and what really matters most is what you do with it (wallow in one's self-pity, or use it at a catalyst for positive change).  And like every other emotion, envy is (thankfully) fleeting--what we once envied may later morph into something we no longer attribute any sort of reaction to at all.  So take that, envy...and onto some positivity, I go.

* * *

The first bit o' positivity: 
A huge thanks to Emmaline Bride for the lovely feature!  This gorgeous handmade/DIY wedding blog--I honestly don't know why I didn't find it sooner--is filled with classy, unique handmade finds from indie sellers, as well as ingenious DIY ideas for your special day.  Check it out if you're so inclined!   See the post here.

* * *

And yes, I do see the slight irony in being green with envy over someone else's shop, and then having an EmeraldCut item featured on a well-known wedding blog.  This interesting turn of events, folks, is not lost on me.

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