February 23, 2014

Oak Slice + Words

Immediately after applying water-based sealant over the front of this oak slice poem three weeks ago, there was left a beautiful matte finish, rich and textured, as shown above.

However, knowing from experience that water-based sealers tend to "age" over short and long spans of time, especially when applied on natural material, I allowed this very oak slice poem to sit on my workspace desk by the window, where it would collect wintertime light.  The result is shown in the above image: the once-rich finish has now mellowed to a more natural state, which is still slightly glossier than the pre-sealed oak slice.

This is the final result, a full three weeks after creation.  A noticeable layer of matte sealant is visible, yet the natural oak slice texture is still there.  I think this is a good mix of Mother Nature-made and human made.

If you're curious, this is the back of the oak slice, which has the original finish;
I've lightly sanded the slice for a softer texture. 

I love creating these oak slice poems, and have found that the process of making each one is different, depending on my frame of mind.  If I'm in a hurry, the poem lines are uneven and the words are not lined up properly; glue tends to be visible on the wood around the letters and phrases.  (Mind you, these letters, words, and phrases are hand cut directly from a vintage copy of Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre, and are therefore teeny tiny in size!)  If I'm calm and collected, the poem looks so, too.

Such an interesting creative process, these oak slice poems are, as are my other wood-slice ornaments seen

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