April 24, 2013


How have you been lately?  Been outside pretty often since the spring bug hit us with 65-degree weather.  I'm not too hot on spring/summer-like weather, as I am constantly searching for rain, but I love growth, and boy did plants grow this past week.  From shriveled leaves and spindly offshoots shot forth curvaceous, thick foliage: the sun-seeking nooks and crannies especially made for quite a show.  Colors quickly brightened and expanded, reaching for a greater height and depth...

And look, my Thumbelina Leigh Lavender is beginning to bud!

* * *

Sometimes I amaze myself at how frequently I derive pleasure from the natural world, including its stilling wordlessness.  As of late, mere thoughts have collected significance, leaving in its wake a profound impact that had spilled into days and weeks; and now months.  It is this sense of wide-eyed, thought-heavy wonder that I leave you until my next post...

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