April 22, 2013

Spring Inspiration: Dried Thyme Herb Bouquet

Loosely inspired by this post via Pinterest.

Spring has got me inspired...replanted my wildly overgrown outdoor thyme plant into a larger pot and everything.  In anticipation of the plant woes that accompany its acclimation into a new home, I decided to stem off and collect the most healthy bits of thyme.  Bit by bit, I cut.  Soon enough, there was a tiny handful of the deliciously fragrant herb--just enough for a mini bouquet.  I then took the plant cuttings indoors, where I gently rinsed them off to detach aphids and other bugs, tied the stems together with twine, and hung them upside down from a doorknob.  In a few weeks time, I'm considering sticking this dried herb bouquet into a small bud vase to commemorate the season.  Spring has never smelled so good, like freshly picked culinary herbs.

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