September 19, 2011

Quiet | Susie Suh

I've been doing a lot of contemplating lately, nothing new, but there's a depth to this one that reminds me that I'm getting a wee bit older.   This thought process that I'm going through has been eased along by Susie Suh's EP, "The Bakman Tapes, Pt.2."  The EP contains a mere three songs, but oh, how those songs are like hot tea to my soul cannot be expressed in concrete words.  It's an emotion, like a calm wave passing by...minutes of not having to think at all.  I'm all for thinking, I encourage it--for it is important for us all to be critical thinkers and question the status quo, but sometimes the mere act of thinking can be so mentally and physically exhausting.  Especially for those (like me) who think all the time...about everything: no matter how important, trivial, and in-between the two poles.  This is a humbling, transitional moment.   

So quiet I will be for a little while, for this is the time to gather my thoughts and just be.

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Anonymous said...

A kindred spirit. It is what we hear in the silence that defines us. Love this Emerald. What a rare gem you are.