September 17, 2015

New Look, Same Site

I recently spent an afternoon updating and editing my main site, The Introverted Writer.  The reason for this was because although the layout was pretty on the computer screen, the mobile version was horribly disjointed.  On a smartphone, my main site's homepage was a visual mess: content from single lines took up two lines, headings overlapped, and one could not really tell what the links were there for.

Who knew that our handy cellphones could cause such confusion regarding content!  I can only imagine how baffled a potential client must have felt while trying to peruse my (old design) main site on their cell.

So, I smoothed out some of the kinks by changing the homepage image and layout--which turned into hours of editing the entire site, background colors included.  I am happy to finally say that the new design works for me.  Thank you for sticking with me as I become more tech-friendly (now crossing my fingers that the updated layout remains reader- and smartphone-friendly).

See the aesthetic and content updates on my main site: 

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