August 20, 2015

Psst...Weekend Sale

I am ready for the weekend.  How about you?  Hopefully I can make the weekend productive and sit down at my jewelry-making desk long enough to create some fall pieces.  Until then, take 15% off selected items in my shop; coupon code is valid this weekend only--information is in the image above.  Enjoy!

Enter my shop here.

P.S. If you are interested in the photo above, it is from the old schoolhouse in Locke, CA.  The town, now a historic landmark, was founded in 1915 by Chinese immigrants, and is located in the Sacramento delta area.  Locke is unique in that it was the only all-Chinese town in America, ever.  Other Chinese American settlements, including Chinatowns, are ethnic enclaves located within already established cities or towns--whereas the town of Locke was built from the bottom-up by its ethnic-specific inhabitants.  Currently, the Chinese population in Locke is fewer than 10 people (likely descendants of original pioneers)

I will try to post photos soon from our recent trip.  Locke is a rad little ramshackle town...complete with a lively biker bar.

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