February 17, 2015

Upcycled Book Page Goods

My mind has been going a million miles per minute with new and unconventional ideas.  Below is one of them: The Catcher in the Rye upcycled book page confetti.  I hand punched each tiny little dot myself.  (I told you these new ideas were unconventional.)  This week, I will be creating additional upcycled book page goods to satisfy this interesting bookish urge, in the likes of Plath and Salinger--the latter of which is from the exact same copy shown below.

Don't worry about the dematerialization of the written word here.  Book pages are merely repurposed and re-invisioned as something new, with the written word left fully intact while being cut apart, lined up differently, and glued.  As is the unflinching creative spark behind my handmade items.  My upcycled book page goods are all created from second-hand books, meaning the selection is neither brand new nor perfect: book pages are yellowed, corners earmarked, and paper delicate and age worn.  In many instances, these books can be designated as in "lovingly read and re-read" or "on the way out" condition--sans water and storage damage (i.e.: mildew and mold).  Have a book or book title that you'd love to be made into envelopes?  See here.

The Catcher in the Rye Upcycled Book Page Confetti

Next up: reading.  My current to-read book pile has tripled in number since the start of this year.

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