June 30, 2014

Looking Back

First Emeraldcut piece sold!
Sold to a customer in Japan - 11/2010

Three years and seven months ago, I made my very first shop sale: an amethyst point pendant to a customer in Japan.  Who knew--those three years and seven months ago--that my little shop (as well as my photography and jewelry-making skills!) would grow exponentially?  Also, I had no clue that my shop would, in addition to jewelry, soon include hand-stamped wood ornaments, book page goods, and writing services as shop offerings.  And that they'd be well received?  This was perhaps the most beautiful surprise of all.

Some wonderful things I've done through my shop with your support include:
- Work with sweet brides-to-be to create wedding favors and bridesmaid jewelry;
- Recreate an item of mine that was given as a gift to a survivor of Hurricane Katrina;
- Design and make meaningful family pendants;
- Brand, promote, and market both my shop and professional writing services;
- Collaborate with highly creative (and innovative!), like-minded Etsy sellers;
- Sell items to amazing customers all over the world--to date, I've sold to Japan, Russia, Australia, Ireland, France, Germany, England, Spain, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, Canada, Singapore, and Nova Scotia (Canada), in addition to throughout the US;
- Help donate to worthy causes when customers purchase these items (I've recently added some new donation items with proceeds to benefit the US-based charity, Feeding America).

Thank you to my amazing customers, and of course my thoughtful family and friends, for their loyal support of all things EmeraldCut!

* * *

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