June 03, 2014

NEW Custom Business Bios

Some great news!  After numerous requests, I have now expanded my writing services to include the writing of custom business bios or company bios (whichever you prefer to call them) for non-Etsy as well as Etsy sellers alike.  In addition to the numerous inquiries I've had about this type of writing, the other reason why I've chosen to delve into this writing realm is this: I've come across far too many websites for both online shops, as well as brick and mortars, whose biographies and descriptions could have, in my opinion, been written with so much more personality and polished descriptiveness.  This observation frustrates me to wits end because I know that these businesses have such a great product to offer.

Don't get me wrong, as I do understand that writing is hard work!  It really is, but I love it.  (If you're new here to my blog, my background is in academic writing, but I've been writing well before that, since childhood.  I received my Master's degree--with an emphasis on 20th-century ethnic American literature--last year after being a part of the graduate program for six years where I honed my craft, so I am well-versed in many writing styles.  Read more about my qualifications here.)  Professionalism, adherence to grammar and punctuation rules, and attention to detail and the subtleties conveyed in the written word are of paramount importance to me as a writer.  So allow me the honor to help you write a business/company bio that accurately reflects your product line, unique voice, and company values, while also actively engaging with the perusers of your website.

In addition to business/company bio writing, I now also offer a product description writing service, including menu item descriptions for restaurants and item descriptions for shops.  These exciting changes to my writing services are more inclusive of all businesses that advertise and/or sell online regardless of site affiliation.

Feel free to peruse my blog and Etsy shop for examples of my writing style.

If you would like to work with me to draft a custom business bio or product description--or if you would like to have your existing writing edited--please contact me here.

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