April 17, 2012

The Hummingbirds

I've been spending some extra time in our yard since spring has sprung, hoping to catch a glimpse of the three hummingbirds that showed up and left last year.  They left just as quietly as they came: the feathered beauties stayed on til November 2011, migrating to a warmer climate when the winter chill set in.  Since the petite birds were a new sight within the last twelve months, I was curious to see if they'd return this spring.

The hummingbirds, lo and behold(!), have returned.  However, there are now only two, rather than the three from last year.  I hope that the third is just off on a hummingbird trek somewhere, perhaps courting another of its kind in a nearby yard...


It was only today that I saw the pair gracefully halting in mid-air, playing a delightful game of air tag.  Beauty, I find, is in what we oftentimes take for granted, the hurriedly sidestepped and the unknowingly cast aside.  The things that leave us breathless when we take a deep breath, and in response, contently sigh. 

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