February 24, 2012


Thank you to all of you who have left such kind, thoughtful comments on my last blog post about silence, personal epiphanies, and all things that are the zest of my existence (but are designated boring by society at-large).  It is very refreshing to know that I am not alone in my introverted, solitary ways.  It is solitude that I seek in order to steady myself in this quick-paced world, to find some inner peace within the noise, and to both accept and persevere.

So yes, I admittedly seek shelter in solitude.

In addition to the roof over our heads, sometimes we need other types of shelter to survive, especially for sanity's sake.  To me, shelter can be found in a great many shapes and sizes: even in the abstract form, since shelter is an all-encompassing term for what makes us comfortable.  Shelter can be found in paperback, a beloved album, the ocean, your significant other's arms, a well-worn sweater, the ruins of a church, etc.  The form does not matter as much as how you feel while in its presence: the calmness and acceptance that things will be okay allows for comfort as a current state of mind, rather than as an evasive, fleeting emotion.  It is the feeling of an easy happiness, which oftentimes plays a mean-spirited hide-and-seek with the grown...and cynical.

Yes, cynical I can be.  But today, I am comfortable just being me.

Below are some of my solitude-seeking inspirations; metaphorical shelters from life's storms:

Green and white baker's twine, porcelain bowl
Paintbrushes, Jane Eyre, vintage salt shaker, decoupage glue

Vintage milk glass ramekins (custard cups)

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