December 16, 2011

Seasonal Bookends

The slight winter chill lingers in the air,
Taking part in an unspoken duel with the sun's obtrusive rays
Over who will seize the day--

 I stay in the sunlight, cautiously sidestepping the shadows...

Winter laughs at me,
Shifty-eyed and curious to why
I shun the dark and gravitate towards the light.

In late summer,
This will change when the heat rises and the sun--
In all its omnipresent glory,
Bakes the earth in its downward slant.

The state of affairs will reverse.
Life will go on with its usual business;
And soon enough,
The seasons will once again change.

Speaking of change, my blog borders were bare, and needed some color to enclose the words in a literary embrace.  So away went the white blog borders, and in their stead, I added an image from an edition of Jane Eyre.  I am enjoying the aesthetics of this new-ish look: the yellowed pages and muted gray-green color of the novel bring out the golden-yellow hue of the raw citrine point in my blog banner.  Simple, yes, but I love the slightly off-kilter, vintage look.